Hoxie Road / Leelanau County

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Beyond devouring Kinfolk page by page, I have also navigated through their contributors list website by website.  I stopped here at Rose & Crown and haven't been able to leave for a couple of reasons.  The first being the beauty of a baby.  The second being the weight of her words.    

So simple.

So clean.

So how I want to be.  

I'm sitting in a Retirement Planning Class right now (part of working for a left brain office).  I am the youngest here. With each hand raised there are new questions about what is to come.  I ask myself the same.  Everything is before me and what falls behind shall remain.  My hands are wide open and heavy with anticipation.  

When will the white aisle roll out?  

Which baby names aren't taken?

What color should the dining room be?

Some decisions carry more consequences than the other but are valid nonetheless.  What about you? Are you laying down with what has fallen behind or are you moving ahead anticipating what is to come? The winter blanket will soon be removed and we will be released into a new season. 

"Hallelujah, we are not where we started!" -Mary Oliver