"I loved every talk we had and was grateful for the fact that Shea was no non-sense. She didn't make me go anywhere I didn't want to - while always assessing where I was. She didn't have an agenda and that made me feel safe. Big or small, at the core of coaching "we are our own best resource." I truly don't think there is a person out there that would not benefit from being coached."   -Joel T.    

"Shea has opened my eyes, mind and heart to my strengths. Through out our coaching she had me look at my life more clearly and consciously. During our sessions I've laughed, questioned, cried and rejoiced. She has a gift of getting to know you, and most importantly she helps you get to know your own true self. Whether we touched on my career, relationships (friends and family), my spiritual journey or my own personal goals, Shea made me realize my core values and how to best honor them. As an extrovert I'm guilty of spreading myself thin, and with Shea's coaching I've learned to be selective of how I contribute my time by aligning decisions with my values."  -Hillary V. 

"In short, Shea's coaching has helped me bust through a very stubborn creative road block. At the beginning of our sessions my goal was to do something grand with my life.  Shea listened, asked deeper questions and took me on a journey back to the place where I started.  Since then, I have realized that the grand something was me, as I am.  I am now doing things I wanted to try for years!  I am so thankful for the depth and the courage that working with Shea has given my life.  The answer was here, inside me all along."  -Jacquie A. 

"Shea asks the type of questions that create breakthroughs. She has an innate ability to listen and find meaning behind spoken word without suspending judgement. By gaining an understanding of my values and ambitions, Shea helped me prioritize what I wanted for my health, spirituality, career and relationships. And there was no looking back. I began having those difficult conversations I was avoiding, I learned how to listen to my own intuitions, and I even started my own business! Shea empowered me to do the things I never thought possible and opened my eyes to see the road ahead. I’ve been in the passing lane ever since."  -Amy N.

"I knew I was stuck in life but I didn't know what was causing it.  I worked with Shea for three months to see if she could help uncover the mystery.  Not only did I learn a lot, I discovered several false beliefs that keeping me from moving on! It was fun, painful and freeing all at once. God has taken me to a deeper level of finding myself.  She is very sweet, fun and wise!"  -Judy V.