Is there a circumstance in your life that is forcing you into a little corner? Making you small? 

Is it painful?

Does it feel like punishment? 

I would like to suggest that your pain is saving you.  That perhaps the physical ailment, the relational breakdown, the fallout is in fact an act of grace on your behalf - saving you from things unseen. Who you are now is not who you will be on the other side of it.  You will walk with a limp.  You will remember how tight the space was - the space where the walls met.  You will remember how it felt to be made small.  And you will be thankful. 

The pain will make you, but first you have to embrace it.  

Sit with it.  Don't beat yourself against it.  Join the bigger work and instead of throwing your fist, say "thank you."

You aren't being punished, you are being loved.  

That's what it takes to become big.