I started Life Coaching a year and a half ago, officially.  I think I’ve been one unofficially for most of my life.  My friend Chuck says, “Jesus made you to be a Life Coach.” He is mostly kidding, but he is mostly right. A lot of wonderful things have come from coaching, particularly the transformation within my own life. There hasn't been a client who hasn't been my teacher. Henri Nouwen refers to that as being a "Wounded Healer." Yes, I am that. With deep pain comes deep understanding and from there I can go places with people in their own life. Nothing is wasted (except me - when it's necessary). But seriously, it's true.

I met another coach, Steph Jagger through Instagram (of all places) and I touch base with her to compare notes and help make the muddy waters a bit more clear. Tonight she said something I liked a lot, "Being a coach simply means that I'm an expert in exploring. We are quick to hire people to help us improve our golf game, guitar skills and artistic ability, why wouldn't we hire someone to help us communicate, relate and connect with ourselves and others? Isn't that the end game?"

My friend Jonny Rodgers called me out on that back in 2008 during our Groundworks Training hosted at Yale University. We were split into groups of three and instructed to tell the others how their personality changed the room. He said to me, "Shea, you walk into the room and it’s all boarded up. There isn't any light, sheets are covering the furniture, dust is piled high and you just yank the curtains back and expose everything. And instead of being afraid, you just say, 'Let's clean this up.'"

That's it. If you're unclear about what coaching is, it's simply yanking the curtains back and shaking off the dust. There is so much there, it's just a matter of discovering and I have the curiosity to go there with you.

It may not feel concrete. Or objective. It may feel unsettling and too therapeutic. I get that. All of it. But I also have seen how incredibly brilliant people are.

To all of my clients from ages 13-73, from business professional to just getting started, from worn out mom to got-it-together dad, from millionaire next door to pulling the pieces together, from knowing who you love to figuring that out, from homebody to social butterfly, from landing to taking off...you are the big news this year. The one making headlines. I just wanted to say out loud how thankful I am for you.