It’s a snow day in April. Taxes are due in a few weeks. I haven’t even started them, until now (literally). I’m looking at what I do for my day job as the CXO (Chief Experience Officer) in a financial firm and I'm trying to reconcile that with who I am as a Life Coach. Does it translate in a culture that is obsessed with identity? Am I allowed to be more than one thing?

Who gives that permission slip?

The rabbit trail of self doubt took me away from the balancing sheets and onto my own website. As I combed the content, the comments and the blogs, I started to refine a few things. Simultaneously I got a new message in my inbox. A client sent a podcast link and says, "She reminds me of you." I finished publishing my SEO update (not my taxes) and then I started to listen to the Award-winning product designer Ayse Birsel describe her process as a coach...

"Look, I'm not a psychologist, I'm not going to be able to solve your challenges and your problems. But what I can do is give you creative tools to think about your life creatively."

BAM! That’s it. That’s where the reconciling happens. A designer has applied the same principals that have made her successful in her day job into a process that applies to how she coaches her clients.

I get it. That’s what I do.

As a Life Coach, I have the questions, not the answers. I’m not handing out maps to places I’ve never been. After all, you are your greatest resource. As a CXO, my "job" is simply to assist you in that discovery. I create experiences that allow you to go to places within your own story that may otherwise be terrifying.

Listen, if you doubt me...know that I doubt myself first. Also know that the seemingly disjointed parts of your life, aren't. There is a connection, a reconciliation - we have to give it time.

My taxes aren’t done. However, the unexpected appointment to get clarity on my own “identity” was welcomed. The 7-minute interruption might be worth it for you today.