This is a True Story ... Let me tell you what happened this week. 

My friend, a true Ragamuffin in the flesh (he's a saint with an incredible capacity for mischievousness) blessed me with holy water from the holy land. His father brought it back to the US about 20 years ago (a miracle happened upon its' first use and he wants a miracle for me). I was afraid to put it on my forehead (you know, considering I'm allergic to everything). But I decided not to reject the blessing. I closed my eyes and right there in the cubical of his office he prayed a prayer and made the sign of the cross on my forehead. It dripped down to the tip of my nose and he ended his prayer with a tap there, "I end my prayers on the nose." We laughed and then he continued, "God, where the cosmos collide in her head - heal her." I could sense the secretary was staring at us - witnessing a miracle I suppose. He was praying over me because of my migraines and because I had an MRI to see if they can detect what is happening in my head. I'm convinced that they won't find anything medical - they will find a book. 

I'm more convinced that sometimes it's the truths I want to speak building up in my body like the fizz in a Mountain Dew bottle that's been shaken all the way to the beach and back with no escape. Not speaking my truth creates a lot of pressure. Drip by drip. Word by word. 

Anyways, when he prayed over me it felt like the New Testament. I'm hesitant to share this with you - that Jesus might have healed me with holy water someone has kept in their freezer for 20 years because it's too sacred of a story to tell and you'll want a bottle too or even worse ... you will dismiss it.  But I'm more like the Lazarus type. If Jesus brings me back to life EVERYONE will know even if you don't want to. If I am healed, I'm going to drink that water like whiskey from the south and then write a book about it.  And if I don't get healed, you'll continue to hear about my suffering. My guess is that you have your own bottle of that too. Either way, the healing will come if not by water then by love on earth as it is in Heaven. Find your Ragamuffin or accept that you are one. Then find some holy water.