At some point, you're going to have to get low enough, close enough to the ground that you'll need to start digging for a reserve.  Where there is dust, you will need to find a well.  I don't care if you have to claw at the ground with your fingertips, start digging.  That's when you'll know that you're ready.  When you're thirsty enough to ruin your manicure.  You'll be a** up, face down in the sand and you won't give a sh*t. 

Everyone else will.  You can't.  You need to get better.  This means sidelining the spectators who have mastered "likes" and "comments" and little else.  Their quick wit and thumbs up mean nothing unless they are helping you dig. 

Layer upon layer will get uncovered.  Answers will come slowly, one day at a time or no days at all.  Nothing will happen for a long time, but then something will.  It's not up to you to bring the water to the surface.  You can't manufacture the mechanics of this.  You can only accept, then dig and then hope.

In that order.

Somehow, knowing that it's going to be this gritty makes it better already.